Does insurance cover automobile dent repairs?

Does insurance cover automobile dent repairs?

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Usually auto insurance acts in two different ways. Firstly, it offers the cost for the damages that a driver occurs to another person, his vehicle or property. Secondly, it pays the cost of repair for the insured vehicle itself (it happens for the full coverage policy). Therefore, when people face any kind of damage in their vehicles, they file a claim for the costs required for the repair. However, it is only possible when the damage comes under the coverage of the insurance policy.

It is definitely quite frustrating and stressful whenever any damage occurs to your vehicle. The problem becomes worse when people need to navigate through the insurance issues for those damages. If the problem is something related to cosmetic damage such as a dent or a scratch, it is likely to be fixed under the full coverage insurance plan. So, next time whenever you are going to purchase a car insurance plan, it is essential to know whether your auto insurance company provides the coverage for dent repair.

Although the final decision depends upon different policies of different automobile insurance companies, let’s have a look on the types of insurances that may cover your dent repair cost in general.

Severity: Full Coverage Insurance

A large number of people don’t use the automobile insurance for any kind of dent repair or cosmetic problem as long as their cars continue running. They just make themselves adjusted with the bad look of their cars. In fact, some people don’t want to opt for the full coverage insurance for their less valuable cars. Therefore, they don’t have any intention for paying up for the self-inflicted damage on the car’s body. In case of dents, full coverage insurance is a nice option though there needs to be a deep dent damage so that the entire panel of your car need to be replaced. In such case, it costs more than a light fix and you may get all facilities from your available insurance options.

Collision Protection

When you are considered as the responsible party for the collision of two cars, your insurer is responsible to pay the repairing costs for both the cars. Your car normally comes under the collision coverage when the liability protection pays the cost of repair for another car. When dents and scratches on the car’s body are occurred by an accident, these are considered as the repairable items. When these are the sole problem, you have two options – either pay for them or not to consider the deductible. When the other-party driver is the guilty for the accident, his insurance company covers your dents repair costs.

Comprehensive Protection

With the comprehensive claims, dents and scratches are quite common types of damage. If your car is backed by another car in the parking lot, someone scratches on your car with an object or your car gets stuck by a ball, it is your comprehensive protection that will takes care of such kind of repair costs.

Other Considerations

If those dents are too nominal and you are solely responsible for them, it is more sensible to fix them yourself as sometimes it may come under such low cost repair that it does not exceed your deductible anyhow.