Maintaining a Clean Vehicle.

Clean Car Maintenance

Maintaining a clean car

keep Up Maintenance

Keeping your car clean be cause easier with this tip. Always pick up after yourself as you exit your automobile. Look around you and take everything you brought in with you. It you start leaving items, it would pile up and you are back to square one.

When there is a little mess like coffee spill or bread crumbs from those early morning fast good. Take time to clean it up as soon as possible. Clean a case of surface wipes in your car and a carpet brush. All you have to do is just reach for them when needed. Use a window cleaner on your car windows, if you have bubbles on your windows it’s probably a bad film. Search to find a tint expert near you. You can search by city and find the shop closest to you. L A CALIFORNIA window tinting can be found under Los Angeles and so on.

These few points would help you a long way and keep you happy with your ride.

I know your car carpets are not as dirty like the video But that shows you how easy it is to clean your carpets. What you need not know about carpet is when you step into your vehicle there is a high possibility of depositing debris from your shoes in the carpet. The longer your leave it the darker it would look as the dirt builds up. Take time every now and then maybe once a week to grab that foot mat and dust it outside your car.  If you have kids it is important to bring in as little mess into the car as necessary. If the children regularly snack in the car, do a quick cleaning ” as soon as they exit. You would be surprised by how much mess kids can make in a very short period of time. If you have sticky stains like soda spills, wipe as soon as possible. It gets harder to get the stains out the longer it sits there. Especially when you have cloth car seats. Would you prefer to do a quick wipe of on cleaning day you have seven different dry coffee stains to clean. Keep a couple of car interior wipes in your car. You can get them at your big box store.

The most important thing is “every little step matters”. You do not have to get it all done at once, gradually you would get the hang of it and it would become a second nature to clean up after yourself as soon as you get out of your automobile. How you enjoyed reading this stay tuned of more interesting topics about taking care of your daily driver.





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