How to Keep Your Car Clean

Maintain a Clean Car Part 1

Clean vehicle interior

So you have been putting off cleaning your vehicle, you plan on doing it last weekend but got caught up with some other things. It’s been a couple of months now but you still haven’t touched found the perfect time to clean up after yourself. The junk is building up, you leave things in your car and they keep piling up. Don’t worry it happens to everyone. Lucky for you we have a few tips to get you back on track. Follow this rules and you would be proud of your car again.

Have a cleaning schedule.

The first time is the hardest. Yes it is very hard, at first you do not know where to start which gets you frustrated easily. If you have junk on the floor things you do not have to sort through because you definitely know it’s all junk in there. Get a trash back and shove everything in there. That would get rid of most of the unwanted stuff. If you are able to create a cleaning schedule, do not over do it, give yourself 30 minutes of cleaning time, maybe on weekends or on your days off work. If you have a lot of valuable things you have to sort through. A week before your schedule begins every time you drive just before you exit your vehicle. Get a hand full of stuff from your car. Sort them in your hands take the valuable things inside e.g. paper work and put them where they belong. The other stuff, just dispose of them in the trash. When you do this every single day before your cleaning schedule starts. All you would have to do is clean the interior instead of going through your belongings. Clean as much as you can for thirty minutes, wipe down surfaces an vacuum. It may not look shiny like a new car when you are done, but it would do for now, Some surface needs to be worked over a couple of times because its been a while since they have been clean. If you decide to get it all clean at once you would get over whelmed. Just give it a once over “thorough one”. Buy the time you make your cleaning schedule a routine, it would become easier to clean and the interior would look better every time.

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