How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

Paint less Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal Broken Arrow OK

People who have hail damage or get a lot of dents and dings on their vehicles, tending to choose paintless dent removal (PDR) service since they find it to be an efficient and cost-effective alternative to minor repairs performed at the local car body shop. It is an excellent yet inexpensive dent repair method better than the traditional methods of dent repair. If you frequently get dents dings and dongs on the body of your automobile, one of the best ways to save your money and ensure the good condition of your vehicle is to learn how paintless dent repair work. In fact, if you become a master in this skill, you can start your own profitable business as well.

How to Perform Paintless Dent Repair

Paint less dent removal or repair is a specialize form of auto body repairing where the technicians need to use specialize tools and techniques to reduce the dent slowly until it disappears completely. The skill of paintless dent repair (PDR) can be learned. New technicians can gradually learn the techniques of how to manipulate the dent in a specific area through some trial and error methods and applying specialized technologies and processes they can remove the dent without the necessity of repainting that area.

If you want to learn the PDR skill, you should understand that the process is not as simple as popping up a dent and expecting to get that portion perfect again. The entire process involves a slow and gradual method that needs specialized tools, specific skill and knowledge and a great amount of patience.

Analysis the Damage

In order to perform a dent repair job without applying paint, the first step involves evaluating the dent carefully and deciding whether the paint less dent repair work is even possible for it. Most of the experts suggest that around 80-90 percent of dents are repairable with PDR method where some of the dents cannot be repaired without any paint work. Not all types of dent can be repaired using PDR. Here are a few, types of dents that cannot be repaired by PDR techniques.

    • Dents in the edges: If you find the dent of any size appeared near the extreme edge of the body panel or any seam, it is impossible to repair the portion with PDR method.


    • Very deep dents: You can even repair a dent that is very large in size when the dent is moderately shallow. But when the dent is very deep, you cannot repair the dent and bend back to its original place without damaging  the paint of its surrounding area.


  • Older vehicles: When the dent occurred in any older vehicle or a classic hard, it is hard to attempt the PDR technique.

Prepare the Area

After inspecting the dent and you determine PDR is the best option of the repair. You need to prepare the area either by removing the outer parts of the body of your vehicle or removing interior panels. The removal process needs specific tools.

Perform the Painless Dent Repair Task

The repairing task needs adequate time and experience to perform flawlessly. Before you start your task, you should read the instructional manuals available for the technicians to gain knowledge on how to place a specific tool and apply slow pressure on the dent. A video would also help.

  • In order to see the depth of the damaged area clearly as you use your tools on the panel, a special light board or florescent lighting should be used.
  • Sometimes you need to apply special glue at the front of the dent to maintain the balance of the pressure.
  • Then you need to start by manipulate the outer edge of that dent very slowly until it bends back to the previous level of the vehicle’s surface.


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