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Paintless dent repair OKC Oklahoma

Paintless dent removal OKC Oklahoma

Paintless Dent Repair OKC  is what you need to fix those dents and dings on your car.  Whether  it is hail damage or minor body panel hits or someone bumped into your car in the parking lot. No you do not need expensive body shop repairs.

What is Paintless dent removal PDR?

Unlike traditional repair tricks where the area is covered with fillers and painted over. PDR restores your vehicle to its original shape with no need for painting and filling. How does it work, the repair person would first access the back part of the affected body part. Let  us say a passenger door was bumped, the technician would first open your door and access the backside of the panel, it is accessed to see how wide the damage is. Using specialized  tools, the bump is massaged slowly to its normal shape.


Each ding is accessed separately, so a big ding is accessed differently compared to hail damage. Remember, a body shop might recommend to replace the hood of your automobile plagued with hail damage. Which is way expensive than Paintless dent Removal


  • Fast Turn around Time
  • Low Cost
  • Lease vehicle companies would charge you heavily when you return he vehicle with a ding. But they can’t you already got it fixed.

How Much time does its take?

Relatively faster that the traditional body shop. A few hours which means same day completion. depending of the area of the car. Harder metal parts would take a little more time.

Mobile paintless dent repair OKC is when a mobile unit comes to you to fix your car. Easy right!! You don’t loose sleep, over your damaged vehicle. Just call and make it happen.

Other Services.

Some places do offer additional services like tire services or minor repairs. If you need to redo a bad window tint, make sure to ask if they offer such service and are aware of the tint laws in your state. If not you can get it fixed by finding a professional ” auto tint shop near me ” at window tinting finder and you would be connected to one close to you.

Save money and time today, Pick up the phone and call the PDR experts for estimates.